An easy way to track a cell phone!

How To Track Someone’s Text Messages

track someone's text messages

Lets face it, “texting” is now more popular than ever.  So if you could track someone’s text messages you could quickly learn a lot about that person’s life!

And that’s exactly what this article is about – how you can track someone’s text and see all of their messages without that person knowing.


Fact is that it’s easy to monitor someone’s texts and see what they’re doing on their cell phone…

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The Way To Track Text Messages (and more!)

MSpy is the name of a sneaky little piece of software that lets anyone monitor a cell phone and keep tabs on what someone else is doing on their phone.

The program gives you an inside look into what that person is doing without them even knowing you are monitoring their phone.


With MSpy you can do all of the following:

    • Read all text messages from the cell phone
    • See the web browsing history from the cell
    • Track the location of the phone and see where it is at all times
    • Look at the pictures or even videos from the phone
    • See the contact list that’s on the phone

Check out all the features


With this program you can read any text that the person sends or that he/she receives.  By being able to look at their texts you’re going to have a full understanding of what they’re up to and who they’re communicating with.

To track someone’s text messages with the program you will login to a website (you’ll be getting a username and password when you download it) and once you’re in you can see all the details about what the phone has been used for.


With cell phones continuing to be the main tool that people use to communicate it’s no surprise that cell phone monitoring software has become so popular.  There’s a lot of uses for it!





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